Beeswax Candle Launch!

Last winter I was experimenting with making ceramic candlestick holders. They were really fun to make, but challenging to get them to survive all the firing steps, and time consuming too. After realizing they would end up retailing at too high a price point to really make sense, I got the idea to make the candlestick into the candle itself. What followed was several months of trying to DIY something that was really above my pay grade, and then finding a couple of experts who could actually make the idea come to life.


I threw the original ceramic pieces on the wheel, and then had a master moldmaker make silicone molds of the pieces. Then, expert candlemaker Joya Studio here in Brooklyn troubleshooted getting the wick right so the candle would actually burn properly. He also convinced me to go with organic beeswax even though it’s significantly more expensive, because of how it purifies the air when burning. And finally, my talented studio neighbor Peter Siskos photographed them for me. I’m so excited to finally share them with everyone! Shop the candles HERE