*Imperfect* Ocean plates

These are the very last few pieces of this design EVER! This is a discontinued clay body, but I found a couple more.

These plates are imperfect because of small cosmetic blemishes, usually in the glaze. They are completely functional! The exact appearance will vary but the second images show examples of possible imperfections. 

The Ocean colorway has a swirl of turquoise blue with tiny black flecks. The wave pattern is marbled by hand, making each piece unique. The snack plate has a flat bottom and the other two plates have a foot ring. This clay is the same warm brown stoneware as the Ocean & Squid shallow bowls. The stoneware is 'groggy' which means it is textured with sandy particles, which you may feel on the unglazed lip and bottom of the plate.

Lunch plate: 8" across - $40, normally $52

Dinner plate: 10.25" across - $50, normally $64

*All imperfect pieces are sold as-is, final sale*