Dawn of Spring candle


This scented candle is a collaboration with Joya studio, the foremost scent and candlemaker in NYC. 

I made a batch of stoneware vessels in a colorway I've been calling 'Dawn', inspired by the colors of a sunrise, made with the change of seasons on my mind. I handed the pieces over to Joya and they came up with a subtle, of-the-earth, slightly herbal scent, that smells like you walked into a garden full of fruits and plants. My first reaction when I smelled the sample was, I wish I could drink this as a juice :-)

Notes of rose, geranium, wild mint, magnolia, grapefruit, cut grass, cardamom, sabila, fig leaf, jasmine, lily of the valley, honeydew melon, linden blossom and cyclamen.

The vessel is made with tinted marbled stonewares and glazed allover with shiny clear glaze. When the candle is finished, reuse the container as you would any ceramic piece! Dishwasher and microwave safe. The marbling pattern is unique to each piece, those pictured show some of the variation.

Three sizes available:

Tiny, 2.25" x 2.25" - contains 2.5oz of wax
Medium, 4" wide x 3" tall - contains 10oz of wax
Jumbo, 5.5" wide x 4" tall - contains a whopping 32oz of wax (3 wicks)

*In stock and ready to ship*