Corduroy beeswax candles

Dyed beeswax pillar candle in 3 rich shades. Hand poured in Brooklyn by Joya Studio.

Three sizes and colors are available:

Rust - 3.5"

Periwinkle - 5"

Evergreen - 6.5"

A note on process: 
These candles started as delightfully wonky clay forms. The ribbed texture comes from an extruder, where soft clay is pushed through a custom cut profile. Silicone molds were made of those originals, and tinted beeswax is poured into the molds. The mold has a seam which allows the candle to be removed by hand once the wax has set. As such, you may see a seam line on your candle! 


Stoneware saucers are sold separately HERE.

*Ready to ship, limited edition* 

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