Cobalt mug

NEW GLAZE FORMULA! Stoneware mugs in an *updated* super rich blue glaze. This is not the exact same glaze as previous Cobalt editions, it has a slightly more satin finish (as opposed to completely matte). This will make it more durable and softer to the touch!

Traditional mug holds 8oz, Giant mug holds 16oz.

*Made to order within 3 weeks*

We do have a few 'imperfect' mugs as well; use the coupon code SECONDS if you prefer to purchase a slightly imperfect, totally functional Cobalt mug, with a minor cosmetic blemish. The coupon code will discount the mug by 20%. An example is included in the last photo but exact appearance will vary. All 'imperfect' pieces are sold as-is, final sale, and are ready to ship!