Amber Tide votive candle

$ 52.00

This scented candle is a collaboration with Joya studio, the foremost scent and candlemaker in NYC. 

The past few months I've been heavy into a 1970s-vintage pottery phase, have you noticed? The drippy, brownish glazes of pots past have just been calling my name. I described this to Joya and they came up with this scent inspired by the 'freebird' concept. This scent is so unique and special!

Notes of Valencia orange, elemi, jasmine, tobacco, birch tar, juniper tar, cedar leaf, amber, caraway seed, pink and black pepper.

The vessel is made from white stoneware and glazed with 4 layered golden-tan glazes with flecks of gold. When the candle is finished, reuse the container as you would any ceramic piece!

Tiny candle - contains 2.5oz of wax

*In stock and ready to ship*