Big news: open studio sales are now MONTHLY!

Hello friends! As you may know, I recently moved studios from Red Hook, Brooklyn to Ridgewood, Queens. I'm so excited to start offering more regular & frequent open studio days to have local shoppers over. There will be seconds, samples, one-offs, and regular merchandise with special *in person* deals. The hope of doing these sales monthly will be to make the shopping experience more mellow for everyone involved :-)

Fall open studio dates are as follows:

From 1 - 4pm:

Saturday, November 9 at ADO

SUNDAY, November 10 at my studio!

Saturday, December 21

New studio address!

562 Grandview ave #1 in Ridgewood, Queens (take the M train to Forest ave)

$3 fee for credit cards

Free tiny gift when you bring your own bag

[{Neighborhood Recommendations!}]

Want to have brunch before? I love C Lo cafe a few blocks away. If you come drinking an Horchata Latte know that I will be very jealous

Or have a beer afterwards (or while your partner shops) down the block at Windjammer

And don't forget to stock up on fresh bread and cookies across the street at Grimaldi's!